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oil painting, modern art, figurative art, black and white art, minimalism, minimalist art, moody art, environmental crisis, climate change, fishing industry, feelings, emotions, collective healing, change the world, bristol artist, uk artist, new world, spirituality, embodiment

Trapped in the net

This black and white collection share my feelings about the current environmental crisis, focusing on to the fishing industry.

Did you know that bycatch is responsible for killing numerous whales, dolphins and other sea animals?  Bycatch is a non-targeted marine catch, and these animals that get accidentally trapped in the nets, are left dead or dying as a result of the fishing industry. It's estimated than 300,000 whales and dolphins are killed each year as bycatch, 30,000 sharks are killed EVERY HOUR and 250,000 sea turtles are injured or killed. 

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