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trans woman, trans rights, love is love, oil painting, portrait, woman, figurative art, modern art, contemporary art, uk artist, bristol artist, canvas, 40x50cm, 50x40cm, healing, spirituality

Crumbling walls

I feel  the walls around me

the darkness within

and I scream

Other humans surround me

walking on the street

but they're not here

I am alone, I am trapped

but I realise now 

I don't want to be

The walls are tall and heavy

but I can see the light

gleaning through

Suddenly I know, it's my choice

I want to let the light

lift my voice

And for the first time I feel it

filling my glowing heart

The love

The walls start crumbling around me

The light swirls within

I'm part of it

I lose grip, I let it be

The love flowing


My voice raises to the sky

feeling light

I can fly

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