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Don't look at me

In a bar one afternoon

While sipping a glass of rum

Conversations make me numb


And I drink, and I laugh

Only to discover alas

The illusion was a trap

Not truth

I question who I really am

Who I want to seem to be

Reality is hidden within

Behind the mask

Acceptance and rejection

Such a sensitive soul

Shame was long ago watered

And has grown

Don't look at the me who is not

Diluted version of the essence

Facade or charade, a need

For protection

Shooting star, the truth, the light

They are playing hide and seek

I can let them break free

And be

Truth is messy and imperfect

Softness and slowness, rawness

Embrace the nature of the being

Own it

oil painting, portrait, figurative art, mixed media, shame, not being yourself, trauma, self-love, psychoogy, spirituality, healing journey, healing trauma, emotion, poetry, intuitive art

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