Don't look at me

oil painting, portrait, figurative art, mixed media, shame, not being yourself, trauma, self-love, psychoogy, spirituality, healing journey, healing trauma, emotion, poetry, intuitive art

In a bar one afternoon

While sipping a glass of rum

Conversations make me numb


And I drink, and I laugh

Only to discover alas

The illusion was a trap

Not truth

I question who I really am

Who I want to seem to be

Reality is hidden within

Behind the mask

Acceptance and rejection

Such a sensitive soul

Shame was long ago water

And has grown

Don't look at the me who is not

Diluted version of the essence

Facade or charade, a need

For protection

Shooting star, the truth, the light

They are playing hide and seek

I can let them break free

And be

Truth is messy and imperfect

Softness and slowness, rawness

Embrace the nature of the being

Own it