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Raquel Blazquez

Exploring consciousness, trauma, emotion

and movement through art

Hello, I'm Raquel! I was born in Barcelona in 1994, and nowadays I'm based in Bristol. As a curious fact, Blazquez is my 2nd surname, which comes from my mother, and I now use it proudly as my artistic name.

When I was a kid drawing and creating was my favourite thing. I especially loved drawing women and portraits. Believe it or not, I also really enjoyed science, which lead me to study Veterinary Medicine when I grew up (I know, it sounds completely unrelated).

In my mid-twenties I started painting again, and this time, I finally started believing I was a creative person and an artist.

I have always been interested in psychology, philosophy, sociology, spirituality, and all that wonders about the human mind and the world we live in. I find it fascinating. For years I have practiced yoga, learnt about thoughts, dug into trauma, danced, laughed and cried, but… for me painting is the ultimate therapy, my ultimate passion. I also connect with nature deeply and I am extremely concerned about climate change and the socio-economic systems in which we live in, and as many others, I want to see a change.

You can now understand what I do and why I do it. I love to represent human emotion and movement through portraits and human figures. I use colour as a carrier of these emotions, my own emotions, into the paintings. All my pieces are a way to convey healing to other people, especially focusing on empowering women. They are also my own lessons and my own healing path, as I learn through each one of them. Nature is another basic in my paintings, specially on those more abstract or on my backgrounds. I believe that through individual healing we can achieve collective healing and a better world.



BS5 Arts Trail

Bethesda Methodist Church (May 2023, forthcoming)

'Flow', Group show

El Malago, Bristol (April - June 2023, currently)

People's Art Fair

People's Republic of Stokes Croft, Bristol (April 2023)

'Stories from the past', Solo show

No.1 Harbourside, Bristol (Dec 2022 - Jan 2023)

People's Art Fair

People's Republic of Stokes Croft, Bristol (Dec 2022)


Totterdown Arts Trail

Totterdown Methodist Church, Bristol (Nov 2022)

North Street Art Gallery

Bristol (Aug - Oct 2022)

New Artist Art Fair

The Truman Brewery, London (Sept 2022)

BS5 Arts Trail

The Beehive Centre, Bristol (May 2022)

'Transitions', Group show

Bocabar, Bristol (March 2022)

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