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Silenced - Limited edition print

Silenced - Limited edition print

Limited edition print

Edition of 40

Hand signed and numbered by the artist

30x30cm high quality giclée prints

Contact me for other sizes, available on demand


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    I feel I have a choice

    I try to raise my voice

    Expanding in my chest

    Emptiness and loneliness

    I open my mouth to words

    That never come along

    Heart beating with fear

    Eyes containing my tears

    Is my brain melting?

    Slipping uninterestingly?

    Or is the past that taught me

    That is not safe to speak up?


    A bird without its wings

    Creativity in dismay

    A home for somebody else

    A stranger for myself


    Time slips, things change

    Forgotten in the depths

    Behind the smile on my lips

    A hurricaine contained


    A touch, a caress, a kiss,

    My insides shake and squeeze

    The words were never there

    For as long as I can remember

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